2018 Projects

JANUARY PROJECT – 7th January – 15th February 2019

MAY PROJECT 2018     –    28th May  –  29th June

JULY PROJECT 2018   –   3rd July  –  3rd August

AUGUST PROJECT 2018-20th August-21st September


Coloured - 500

  • Introduction Day (UK based)
  • We call it the Chalkboard Toolkit. Here you will meet up with other volunteers on your project before you leave and get all the information you need before you depart. It is a good chance to get to know your group and have briefings on teaching methods, keeping safe, staying healthy and Kenyan culture.
  • The Chalkboard Project (5 weeks)
  • A member of the Chalkboard Kenya team will meet you at the airport, just a couple of hours from the orphanage. You will stay within the orphanage in a town called Busia, on the Western side of Kenya. Each volunteer has their own subject they will teach for the duration of the project. Working with these inspirational children you will develop your teaching styles, having learnt some new and exciting ways to educate children. Having spent a significant amount of time at the orphanage you will feel a real sense of achievement having developed your own department and improved the lives of many orphans.
  • Independent Travel
  • After your time at Mama's Orphanage you may want take the opportunity to see more of East Africa. The Chalkboard Team are always happy to help, using their local knowledge so you can carry on with the experience of a life time.
  • Accommodation
  • You will all be accommodated in the same building inside the orphanage, which has four bedrooms - two shared and two single. The accommodation has recently been refurbished for the volunteer teachers, however you must realise you are staying in rural Kenya and many home luxuries (such as a warm shower, constant electricity, etc.) are simply not available - this is all part of the experience!
  • Food
  • Part of your finical support goes towards employing a local lady to cook for you during the week. This will take the worry out of keeping yourself fed as this can be very time consuming with little resources available. It will also give you more time to prepare for your lessons and have fun with the students outside the classroom.
  • 24/7 Support
There will always be a member of the Chalkboard Team around on the ground to help you if ever you need it. This could be help with your lessons or lesson planning, to more serious situations - we will never be far away!
  • Weekend Trips
  • Weekend trips are a great way to try something new, explore Kenya and cool off from a weeks teaching. We suggest that as a group you decide what you would like to do.
  • Here are a few ideas of spectacular areas nearby...
  • - Lake Victoria
  • - Kakamega Rainforest
  • - Kisumu
  • - Mount Eldoret
  • - Jinja (Uganda)
  • - Bungoma
  • Departure dates are linked to the David More School terms
  • The school has set term dates. The length of time on our projects matches that of each school half term. This ensures stability for the students so that teachers don't just come and go whenever they please but also helps volunteers set in their mind what needs to be covered in the curriculum.
  • 2016 Project Dates
  • We have 4 projects running in 2017, one for each Kenyan half-term:
  • MAY PROJECT – 29th May – 30th June
  • JULY PROJECT – 3rd July – 4th August
  • AUGUST PROJECT – 21st August – 22nd September
  • JANUARY PROJECT 2017 - 2nd January - 3rd February 2017
  • Project Costs
  • We ask each volunteer teacher to cover their costs whilst out in Kenya as well as contribute a to the day-to-day running costs of the orphanage. (included in price)
  • Each project costs £170 per week. This comes to a total cost of £850 for the five weeks.

The Chalkboard Kenya programme includes:

  • Basic accommodation with evening & night time security
  • Travel to and from Kisumu Airport
  • Food (Monday to Friday - lunch & supper)
  • Intensive 1 day course in U.K. - The Chalkboard Toolkit
  • Immersion activities (including a basic introduction to Swahili, Mama Orphans Children's Home and sessions on Kenyan culture and history)
  • Full set of resources - The Chalkboard Toolkit of programme materials (including curriculum, workbooks and stationary)
  • 24/7 'on the ground ' support from our Chalkboard Team in Kenya
  • Post-programme advice and guidance in profession career

The Chalkboard Kenya programme does not include:

  • All Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Malaria Tablets

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