Chalkboard Team


Chalkboard Kenya was founded by two British graduates who wanted to help orphans in Kenya have the chance of a good, sustainable education, whilst helping aspiring teachers from around the world gain amazing work experience educating these truly inspirational children.

Jeremy Brown

Co-founder, Managing Director, Chalkboard Kenya
Jeremy specialises in entrepreneurship, Education and Design Thinking. He first visited the school and orphanage in 2012 and was compelled to help create educational opportunities to disadvantaged children. Jeremy has just finished studying at Cambridge University and now teaches at an Inner London City School.
Twitter: @jeremybrownuk

Alec Creed

Co-founder, Chalkboard Kenya
Before Chalkboard Kenya and since leaving University, Alec worked at the Royal Grammar School Guildford as a full time music teacher. This included teaching GCSE and A level classes with many students receiving places at top Universities including Oxbridge. Throughout his career Alec has always been frustrated by the boundaries of the classroom and believes Chalkboard Kenya will give prospective teachers a chance to think more broadly whilst giving people an opportunity to gain quality work experience.

Dunn Oduor

Mama's Orphanage & School Manager
Chalkboard Kenya is our partner in our quest to provide a good quality education to the orphans here at Mama Orphan Children's Home. As manager of the orphanage, my job is to supervise the day-to-day running of the school and the orphanage. The Chalkboard teachers are a pleasure to work with and are greatly appreciated in our quest to provide a sustainable future to all our children.

Chelsea Ewing

Project Co-ordinator, Chalkboard Kenya
After graduating in Sports Science Chelsea join our team as the first PE teacher in our May project. Now as the Project Coordinator for Chalkboard Kenya Chelsea is the.

JoHannah Fields

Project Co-ordinator, Chalkboard Kenya
After graduating with a degree in Elementary and Middle School Math Education, JoHannah was a Maths and English teacher for Chalkboard 2014. She has a passion for travel and orphans, and hopes to continue being involved at Mama Orphans through Chalkboard Kenya.