The Chalkboard Toolkit

Toolkit day

One of our unique features at Chalkboard Kenya is our Toolkit

The Toolkit is designed to give you as much preparation as possible before you go out to teach in Kenya. By the end of the introduction day you will have a good understanding of what to expect, hopefully feel prepared to teach a dynamic class of Kenyan children, have been given a comprehensive list of teaching methods you might use and have sorted out any concerns and problems you might have before you go.

The idea behind the toolkit is to:

  • Get to know your fellow volunteers before to go
  • Get all the teaching materials and resources you need to start planning what you are going to teach and how you are going to teach it
  • Develop a greater understanding of innovative teaching techniques you can use in both Kenya and the UK
  • Learn about education as a way of life and how it can dramatically change the lives of the children at Mama Orphans Children Home
  • Create an atmosphere of creative learning
  • Increase the potential of those looking at PGCE courses
  • Reassure and develop those less experienced that they will be able to fully understand what they are capable of and give them the help and guidance that they will need