What Makes Us Different

The Kenyan Programme
At Chalkboard Kenya we believe there are far too many average opportunities teaching abroad. We offer something completely unique. Not only will you be the main class teacher for these amazing orphans (none of this 'teacher assistant' and 'lesson observation' stuff) but we will give you a small introduction before you go - The Chalkboard Toolkit - which will show you new and inspiring ways to teach kids. You will learn new innovative teaching methods and be able to try these ideas as soon as you arrive.
  • Here are a few reasons why we think our teaching programme is so great:
  • - Learn new innovative and inspiring ways to teach kids from around the world
  • - You can teach in your own style - you're the class teacher!
  • - Focus on getting the best out of every child
  • - Everything you learn can be related back for your own profession career 
Your Experience
Unlike the bigger companies out there, we have a very limited amount of space on our projects for good reason - so you can get the most out of your time at the orphanage. Please don't think you are all alone though. Each programme has a maximum of six people. This is not a number we have plucked out of thin air, but one we decided on due to the number of teaching rooms and facilities available at the orphanage. For more information on the orphanage, where you will be teaching, please see - Mama Orphans Children's Home.
Safety and Support
Your safety is of the upmost importance to us. This is why we have put  in so much time and effort to ensure we have thought of every possible scenario. From the minute you step out of the airport to the last step you make in Kenya we have a member of the team out there to support you 24/7. This means we are not only available by phone 24/7, but we have a friendly face who will meet you at the airport and be there in case you ever need them. If you decide to take up this wonderful opportunity you will be given an information pack covering everything you need to know before you leave and all the telephone numbers you might require. It's nice to know that Chalkboard Kenya is also covered by our own business insurance package, which goes in hand with the personal insurance we ask you to acquire before leaving. A link to see all the details of what you will need to be covered for can be found here. Travel Advice will give you lots of  information.
Make A Real Difference
By teaching with Chalkboard Kenya and having an experience of a lifetime you will be making a real difference to the lives of the children at Mama Orphans Children's Home (MOCH). Most of these children have gone through terrible experiences that is difficult to even comprehend. Chalkboard Kenya is your chance to help these children through education. Access to education in Kenya has become increasingly more difficult to come-by, especially for disadvantaged individuals . Mama Orphanage Children's Home has a small school called The David Moore Academy that has been uses to educate the children within the orphanage.
Value For Money
We are a social enterprise and therefore are concentrating on the benefit of the orphans education as well as the teaching profession. We only take on six people each project in order to create the appropriate professional experience. Our price of just £28 per day covers your accommodation, food, travel from Kisumu International Airport, your toolkit day (introduction day before you go), materials and most importantly vital support to the orphanage through the Chalkboard Education FUnd.
Tailored To Teachers
Chalkboard Kenya is designed specifically for aspiring teachers. At Mama's Orphans Children's Home we allow you to have all the responsibility of a regular class teacher plus you begin to develop new methods of educating children. This will place you above the rest when applying for PGCE or University places as you will have gained huge amounts of valuable experience within your future profession. We giving you a big challenge, however we believe the best way to gain experience in the teaching profession is through actually teaching!

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