A unique teaching experience aimed at developing the skills of young aspiring teachers through educating the Kenyan youth

The Chalkboard Concept

Chalkboard Kenya brings top aspiring teachers to those who would never get the chance of a good education.


Bring aspiring teachers to Kenya

Our projects are open to anybody over the age of 18 who has a real passion for teaching. We take top students who have either just finished school, are at University or have just graduated.


The Chalkboard Toolkit

We hear many stories of people being thrown into schools not knowing anything about the place or anyone there. Our Toolkit is designed to give you a one day introduction covering all you need to know before going to Kenya. We will give you your subject curriculum, lesson plan guide lines and materials to help you prepare before teaching your first class.


The Kenyan Programme

You will teach children at the school as if you were their normal teacher. You have full control over how you teach them to build your own professional experiences and create relationships with the students.


Take back a wealth of knowledge

Once you have completed a project you will have gained a huge amount of experience and learnt many new ways of teaching, which you can bring back and use in your own professional career.

Come join us help the children at Mama Orphans Children’s Home gain the education they deserve

What makes us different

Chalkbaord Kenya believes in quality education for all. 

Tailored To Teachers

Chalkboard Kenya is designed specifically¬†for aspiring teachers. At Mama Orphans Children’s Home we allow you to have all the responsibility of a normal teacher and create new ways of educating children. This will place you above the rest when applying for University places or PGCEs as you will have gained huge amounts of valuable experience in your future profession.

The Challenge

We are giving you quite a big challenge at the orphanage but we believe the best way to gain experience in the teaching profession is through actually teaching! There are far too many opportunities to be a ‘teacher assistant’ or to do ‘lesson observations’ – here you will be doing the teaching.

Value For Money

We are a not-for-profit organisation and therefore are concentrating on the benefit of the orphans education as well as the teaching profession. We only take on six people each month in order to create the right professional experience you need. Compared to other companies in this area our package is at least half the price and much more personal.

Make A Real Difference

By joining us and having the teaching experience of a lifetime you will be making a real difference to the children’s lives at Mama Orphans Children’s Home. Most of these children have gone through terrible things that we can not even imagine and it is your chance to change this through education.


We offer an amazing package which offers you the chance to teach children in your own way, which enables you to create lessons that will truly help these children build the life they need.

Safety and Support

Your safety is our first priority. This is why we offer accommodation with security as well as there being a member of the Chalkboard Kenya team in Kenya throughout the duration of your stay. We offer constant support to all teachers out there to discuss lessons and anything else that might be of an issue.